One of the most common orthopedic injuries seen in dogs is a torn anterior cruciate ligament, or “ACL”.  This ligament is inside the knee and helps to hold the two main bones (femur and tibia) of the rear leg in alignment.  A torn “ACL” is a very common athletic injury in people but commonly occurs in dogs during normal activity.  When the ligament tears, the leg becomes painful and very unstable.

Surgery is required to repair this injury in all but very small dogs.  We commonly perform a technique called a Tibial Tuberosity Advancement or “TTA”.  This procedure involves cutting a portion of the shin bone (tibia) and repositioning it to stabilize the knee.  Several titanium metal screws and a plate are used.  Recovery takes about 8-12 weeks and the vast majority of our patients return to normal activity.

X-Rays of Knee before and after TTA procedure: