During the summer, we see several dogs every day with a “Hot Spot”.  What is a “Hot Spot” and what causes it?

“Hot Spots” are sore, painful patches of skin which are very itchy and drain a moist material.  Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers tend to be the most commonly affected breeds.  “Hot Spots” are caused by something irritating the skin, most often allergies.  Because of this irritation, dogs scratch incessantly making the problem even worse.

Treatment of “Hot Spots” involves clipping the hair around the area and cleaning it with an antiseptic.  We often prescribe antibiotics and possibly a cortisone drug.  With proper treatment, most of these painful problems will quickly improve and our patients will feel better very quickly.

To prevent “Hot Spots”, make sure your dog is kept brushed out regularly to remove the loose and dead hair.  It is also important that a dog’s haircoat is dried thoroughly after bathing or swimming, especially around the ears and collar area.

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