It was a busy day today at The Animal Medical Clinic.  Here are some of the pets I treated:

  • A very sweet cat who had been bitten several times on the shoulder by another cat
  • A Dachshund with diabetes who came in to have her blood sugar checked – doing great!
  • 2 Labradors in for post-op rechecks of their knees after having torn ACL knee surgery at our hospital.
  • A kitten who received his last set of kitten vaccines and 2 sweet 12 week old puppies.
  • A Weimaraner with terrible diarrhea after drinking pond water!
  • 4 dogs (Bichon, Golden Retriever, Havanese and Italian Greyhound) came in for their annual checkup and vaccinations.  Everyone looked great!

Life Is Great — Treating Pets Makes It Better!