This handsome young man is Duke. Let’s just say that Thanksgiving was a hard day for Duke. After receiving treatment for multiple yellow jacket stings in the morning, Duke was frightened by hunters’ gun shots in the afternoon and ran away. He was not found until late last night. During his absence, neighbors reported witnessing Duke being run over by a golf cart, sustaining serious abrasions to his hindlimbs and exposing the small vertebral bones comprising his tail. As luck would have it, because our clinics were open for normal hours today, I was able to work Duke in for a morning appointment. After meeting his family and evaluating his injuries, I determined that he would need to have his tail amputated to prevent the risk of a spinal infection.
I am happy to report that surgery went very well and Duke is resting comfortably. He now has a tail resembling that of a Rottweiler or Cocker Spaniel, and it really seems to suit him. He will need to remain in the hospital overnight so that I can recheck his wounds in the morning, but he should be able to return home tomorrow to spend a peaceful Thanksgiving weekend at home with his family.

-Dr. Mac