Most dogs and cats have surgery at least once in their life, usually to be spayed or neutered.  At The Animal Medical Clinics, our goal is to provide the safest, most compassionate and pain-free surgical experience for your pet.  Occasionally we are asked w
hy surgery might cost more at our veterinary hospitals compared to “spay-neuter clinics.”  Generally speaking, the difference in price is usually related to the differences  in  how anesthesia and surgery is performed.  We will never sacrifice the well-being and safety of your pet for price.






At The Animal Medical Clinics, we believe the following list of procedures is very important for ALL surgeries:

  • All patients are given a full examination before anesthesia is started.
  • Pre-anesthetic blood testing is performed on all patients, usually during the morning of surgery.  This helps to identify any internal problems which could cause anesthesia and surgery to be overly risky.
  • Gas anesthesia supplied through an oxygen tube.  Some facilities only give an injection of a tranquilizer for anesthesia.  This is something that most veterinarians believe is unsafe.
  • Anesthesia monitoring:  At The Animal Medical Clinics, all of our patients under anesthesia are monitored using state-of-the-art monitoring equipment (such as a pulse oximeter) as well as either a veterinary assistant or veterinarian who is assigned to a single patient.
  • Pain Management:  All patients are given pain relief medication before, during and after their procedure.
  • Body Heating System:  During anesthesia, body temperature usually falls very quickly.  All patients are kept warm using a recirculating hot water blanket system.
  • Sterility:  We do everything possible to prevent infection.  All surgical instruments are sterilized after each procedure and our surgeons wear sterile masks, gowns and gloves.
  • Home Care Support:  You are always able to speak with one of our veterinarians at any time of the day or night after your pet goes home.  When our offices are closed, our main telephone numbers (770-487-1338 or 770-692-6034) have information regarding how to contact a veterinarian with a question.