Although you wouldn’t know it from our blog posts up to this point, the Animal Medical Clinics also see a large number of feline patients! The adorable kitten you see above captured all of our hearts when she was found injured on Halloween. Her name is Miss Stache, and I think if you take another look at her picture you’ll be able to tell why. When we first met her, the poor thing was covered in fleas and dragging one of her hindlimbs. After examining her, Dr. Loch diagnosed her with a broken pelvis. However, none of this seemed to phase her. Routine testing helped to determine that she was otherwise healthy, and for a short time, she took up residence at our clinic. She immediately began eating us out of house and home, making a ruckus with her cat toys, and constantly insisting on being held by our nurses and receptionists.

Over time, Miss Stache’s pelvis healed and she regained the ability to walk normally. While we are always happy when stray animals are ready to be adopted, it’s always a little bittersweet as we unavoidably become attached to these little guys. In this case, Kate, a member of our kennel staff, just couldn’t let go. Sadly, Kate’s dear pet, a cat named Omi, had passed away just a few weeks before Miss Stache came along. It really seemed meant to be, and these two have quickly become inseparable. Their personalities even seem to complement each other!

I saw Miss Stache today for her last set of kitten vaccinations. She’s getting big and doing amazingly well.

-Dr. Mac