September is when kids go back to school and finally, you have a chance to relax. Who wants to join you? Your pet! While you’re healthy_skin1snuggling with your furry friend, you may feel a bump or rash on their skin. What should you do?

Your pet may have bumps, lumps, missing fur, a black spot or a funny-looking toenail. Are these things something of concern?

For most owners, it’s tough to know what skin issues are OK and what needs further evaluation. Missing fur may be from a lost battle with a housemate. A black spot may be a tick. A rash may indicate a food allergy. A little bump may be cancer. Skin is the largest organ of the body and there’s a lot to cover! If you find a problem with your pet’s skin, please call us and we will schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians. Usually if we catch a problem early we can easily and quickly get things back to normal!

The next time you bring your pet in for their wellness exam, we’ll assess every part of them, from nose to tail, including their skin. We’ll make sure your pet is healthy and stays that way!