Kobe is a 6 year old Yorkie and he had to spend a lot of time with us this week. Kobe was bitten on the head by another dog on Sunday and was rushed to Southern Crescent Animal Emergency Clinic in Fayetteville. He suffered severe head trauma.  They did a fantastic job of stabilizing Kobe and he was transferred to our hospital on Monday. At that time, Kobe was extremely dizzy, could not stand or walk, and was hardly responsive to our voices. We were not sure if Kobe was going to survive. By Tuesday Kobe started responding to our voices and picking his head up.  Wednesday he was able to stand up with a little help.  Today Kobe started walking on his own! After 4 days of intensive care Kobe is now able to walk, he is eating on his own and went home to his family tonight.  We have grown very fond of Kobe this week.  He is an amazingly determined little dog.