This is Rickey! It’s amazing we were able to keep him still long enough to get this picture. We first met this little guy in mid-March when a local rescue group pulled him from the Spalding Co. Shelter shortly before he was to be euthanized. After noticing a significant limp on his left hindlimb, radiographs revealed a fractured tibia. Luckily, the bone was still in a great position for healing, so splinting provided us an effective and affordable solution for what had nearly been a fatal problem for poor Rickey. I neutered him the next day, and we placed his splint while he was under anesthesia. It has been a challenge to maintain his bandages due to his young age and precocious personality, but overall, he is doing amazingly well and growing like a weed. We hope to remove his splint within the next few weeks, and I’m confident he is going to make a great pet for someone out there. Please contact our office if you may be interested in adopting Rickey.

-Dr. Mac