Meet Dixie! This little girl was brought in by a local rescue group after they were contacted by the Spalding County Animal Shelter. Unbelievably, her previous owner attempted to crop her ears with kitchen shears. As you can see from her picture, her poor ears have been disfigured and are now very infected.

Otherwise, though, Dixie is a happy, playful pup. She loves treats and has been soaking up the attention of our staff. Today, we initiated antibiotics for her infection and laser therapy to help aid in the healing process. I will monitor her progress over the next few days to determine if corrective surgery will be needed.

Obviously, Dixie started out with a tough lot in life, but she will now get the treatment and care she needs. She will eventually be adopted and live out the rest of her life with a loving family. Unfortunately, the rest of her litter whose ears were not damaged may not be so lucky. They remain at the Spalding County Animal Shelter awaiting adoption. Please keep them in your thoughts especially if you or someone you know may be considering a new puppy for the holiday season.

-Dr. Mac

Aleecia and Abby modeling our stylish protective eyewear during Dixie’s therapeutic laser treatment.