Eclair was brought to our Fairburn clinic recently by the manager of the local Dunkin’ Donuts. She was found in their dumpster, and they thought she might have been hit by a car because she could hardly walk. She was in terrible condition and they thought she would have to be put to sleep to end her from suffering.

Dr. Keenan thoroughly examined Eclair and determined that her legs were actually not injured, but she was very skinny and weak and malnourished. She was covered in ants, fleas and large ticks and was too weak to groom herself and try to remove them. Dr. Keenan tested her for Feline AIDs & Feline leukemia and we were happily surprised to learn she was negative for these deadly viruses. Although a relatively large cat, she weighed less than 5 pounds.

The manager agreed to let us keep her, care for her, and try to find her a home.

Our technicians worked hard to remove every tick from her and bathed her to remove the ants and fleas. We fed her a special high protein food called Royal Canin Recovery food, which she ravenously ate. She loved attention, and would eagerly seek our petting whenever we came near her cage. After a few days of good nutrition, she was became stronger and was able to move around like a normal cat. A couple of weeks later, she was well enough to be spayed.

Because of Eclair’s extremely outgoing, friendly nature, it was very easy to find someone to adopt her. She was able to go to her new home this week and we are very excited about this happy ending!