Bonnie and Lageita

Meet Bonnie.  She is about 6 years old.  Bonnie is a Schipperke who unfortunately spent the first 5 1/2 years of her life as a breeding dog at a Missouri puppy mill.  She was dumped at a shelter in Missouri 3 months ago but fortunately she was rescued by a caring humane society, along with 100 other dogs.  Bonnie was placed under the care of the Schipperke Rescue Group and has lived with Jan McAfee, a member of this group and a receptionist at our Fairburn office.   When Jan first started caring for Bonnie, she could barely walk as she had been confined to a cage for several years.  As Bonnie was nursed back to health, she regained the ability to walk but had a painful left knee caused by a condition called Medial Patellar Luxation.  This is a problem in which the knee cap (patella) pops in and out of place.  Yesterday, Dr. Jeff and Dr. Chris operated on Bonnie to repair this problem.  They created a new groove for the knee cap to sit in and tightened the ligaments holding it in place.  Today Bonnie is resting comfortably while taking several pain relief medications.  She will begin physical therapy exercises with Jan in another week, which will include swimming.  We hope to have Bonnie walking normally and pain free in about 4-6 weeks.  Bonnie is a very shy dog due to her past treatment.  However, we are certain that her future life will be much happier because of many caring people.

Jan McAfee