Maggie is an 8 year chihuahua that came to the Animal Medical Clinic of PTC this summer after a local rescue organization picked her up from a shelter shortly before she was to be euthanized. When I first met Maggie, she was emaciated, struggled for every breath, and had not eaten for 2 weeks. To make matters worse, she was very nervous and mistrustful of people making it more difficult to assess and treat her. After performing extensive testing, we were able to determine that she was suffering from a severe case of pneumonia. In fact, her condition was so poor that I was not sure we would be able to save her.

However, after weeks of aggressive supportive care and treatment, Maggie began to improve and was finally able to eat and drink on her own. Additional medical therapy and socialization eventually helped Maggie to fully regain her strength. As her condition improved, her true sweet, loving personality was able to finally shine through, and she has bonded with our entire staff especially our Patient Care Coordinator, Lageita, who takes special care to make sure Maggie’s every need is met before the sun rises each morning. Amazingly, Maggie no longer requires medication to help with her breathing, and her recheck x-rays show perfectly clear lungs. She eats great and overall seems to be enjoying her new lease on life. She loves basking in the sun, napping in a warm lap, and trying on various sweaters donated to her by our staff.

Unfortunately, after all that Maggie has been through, our work was still not done. If she was ever going to be able to leave our clinic and find a family of her own, she would need surgery to address her severe dental disease, two abdominal hernias, and 3 small mammary tumors diagnosed before she was healthy enough to consider anesthesia. I am happy to report that the picture posted below was taken today, two days after this surgery was performed. Maggie did fantastic and is recovering very well. She is currently being fostered by Janet, our office manager, while we await the results of her biopsies. Please keep this little girl in your thoughts!

-Dr. Mc