I met Optimus for the first time today after he woke up with severe lethargy, vomiting, and diarrhea this morning. His parents were extremely concerned about him as he seemed just fine when they picked him up from the breeder last night. In fact, Optimus was a present for his new mom whose birthday is tomorrow. Very worried but not quite sure where to turn, his owners happened to run into our Dr. Suzy who recommended that Optimus be seen at one of our offices immediately.
After examining him, I was able to determine that he was suffering from dehydration, low blood sugar, and coccidiosis, a protozoal parasite common in puppies that often leads to severe gastrointestinal upset. Because of his small size, even a short bout of diarrhea or a single missed meal can lead to dehydration and hypoglycemia.
After receiving fluids and starting medication to help with his symptoms, Optimus was able to make a speedy recovery. He spent the rest of the afternoon soaking up the attention of our nurses who loved the fact that he smells like cinnamon – scratch the screen and see for yourself! They even jokingly tried to rename him Cinnabon, but I think we all agree that Optimus is an awesome name for this tough little guy.
-Dr. Mac