The Animal Medical Clinic provides the most comprehensive dental care available in private practice. We have digital x-ray technology (Peachtree City location), state-of-the-art dental equipment and we use only the best dental health materials. We utilize a laser for oral surgery and provide comprehensive pain management whenever needed.

Proper dental care at home and at the veterinary hospital is likely the most significant care you can provide for your pet to keep them happy and healthy.  Studies have shown that dental disease is the most common medical problem affecting our pets.  Dogs and cats frequently develop tartar buildup, gingivitis, periodontal disease, cavities and many other problems in their mouth.  This leads to infection in their mouth which can spread to other organs, as well as pain when eating and bad breath.

We will recommend a dental cleaning by one of our veterinarians when these problems begin to develop.  Afterwards, our staff will make recommendations to help you keep your pet’s mouth healthy and pain free at home.

Proper professional dental cleaning can make an enormous difference in the comfort, health and appearance of your pet’s mouth!

Before and After pictures of a few of our dental patients: