Meet Dr. Matthew Beeson!

Dr. Matthew Beeson graduated from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine in 2015, and he also completed his undergraduate degree from UGA. After practicing in Maryland for five years, he returned home and joined the AMC team in 2021. Dr. Beeson’s professional interests include wellness care to keep our pets healthy and free [...]

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What is a Professional Veterinary Dental Cleaning? A Step-By-Step Guide

Although you may not realize it, your pet needs as much dental care as you do to maintain healthy gums and teeth. And, while toothbrushing is an excellent way to care for your furry pal’s oral health at home—especially if you brush daily—regular brushing is no match for a professional veterinary dental cleaning. A toothbrush [...]

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We maintain a large inventory of pet medications in order to get your pet on the road to recovery as fast as possible.  In addition, we are passionate believers in preventive care. We recommend monthly preventive medication to keep your pets free of heartworms, intestinal worms and fleas. We believe Sentinel® (given orally) is the best [...]

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