Cremation Services through Pet Angel

The Best in Pet Aftercare ABOUT PET ANGEL Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is usually a time of great emotion. As we cherish the memories of our pet, making decisions regarding pet aftercare can be difficult and sometimes overwhelming. Pet Angel Memorial Center understands the bond shared with your pet—he or she was a [...]

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We are excited to announce that we are now offering wellness, surgical, and illness care for your small mammal exotic pets at The Animal Medical Clinic of Fairburn! Just to name a few, this includes hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, and rats. Dr. Emma Rich has a special interest in these animals and is [...]

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Vet Care from Home

Does your pet have a medical problem but you don’t have time to get him or her seen? Remote telemedicine might be an option. With our Televet mobile app, you can send us information about your pet’s problem, including photos and video, and consult remotely with one of our veterinarians. We can’t diagnose all problems [...]

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Puppy Vaccines and Preventive Care

Preventive care, along with proper training, is the key to raising a healthy and happy puppy. To prevent many life-threatening infectious diseases, puppies require a series of several vaccinations. In addition, treatment for very common parasites is routinely given. Please click on Puppy Vaccines and Preventive Care link on the left to see our recommended puppy preventive care schedule.

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Kitten Vaccines and Preventive Care

Preventive care, along with proper training, is the key to raising a healthy and happy kitten. To prevent many life-threatening infectious diseases, kittens require a series of several vaccinations. In addition, treatment for very common parasites is routinely given. Please click on Kitten Vaccines and Preventive Care link on the left to see our recommended kitten preventive care schedule.

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Wellness & Preventive Care

Just like people, dogs and cats benefit from an annual check-up. Your dog or cat will be thoroughly examined in an attempt to find problems in their early stages so they may be addressed before they cause illness. During these appointments, we will also discuss which vaccinations will be necessary, recommend preventive measures against fleas and ticks, recommend needed dental care, and discuss proper weight management and nutrition.

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Medical & Diagnostics

The Animal Medical Clinic is proud to offer comprehensive preventive health care including puppy and kitten care, wellness exams and vaccinations, and geriatric programs. For those pets that are not feeling well, our clinic provides state-of-the-art treatment and diagnostic services. Our doctors are trained to treat just about any illness including allergies and other skin conditions (dermatology), heart problems (cardiology), intestinal problems (gastroenterology), arthritis and other joint problems and many others. We have a comprehensive laboratory on site which provides testing results in minutes. In addition, we utilize a large outside diagnostic lab for additional tests. Other services provided are radiography (digital x-rays available at our Peachtree City location) and digital ultrasound which provides a non-invasive way for us to take a detailed look inside the chest or abdomen.

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Our doctors and staff at both our Peachtree City and Fairburn locations are ready to care for your pet if there is an emergency during our normal office hours. When possible, call ahead and let us know you are coming with an emergency: 770-487-1338 When we are closed, we recommend that you take your pet to: Southern Crescent Animal Emergency Clinic 770-460-8166 1270 Highway 54 East Fayetteville, Georgia

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Surgery & Laser Surgery

The Animal Medical Clinic performs most surgeries necessary for your dog or cat, including spays and neuters. In addition, we perform many procedures not routinely done at many small animal hospitals. This includes many cancer surgeries and orthopedic procedures, especially knee surgeries such as cruciate ligament repair (TTA procedure) and luxating patella surgery (MPL). The majority of surgeries are done utilizing our surgical laser. The surgical laser minimizes bleeding, pain and infection. We take great pride in our anesthetic safety, monitoring and post-operative pain relief management.

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Laser Therapy

LASER THERAPY is an advanced therapy for the treatment of Inflammatory or Painful conditions in dogs and cats. When can we use LASER THERAPY? *Arthritis & Hip Dysplasia *Acute & Chronic Pain *Back Injuries *Ear Infections *Mouth Pain *Sprains & Strains *Wound Healing & Trauma What are the BENEFITS of LASER THERAPY? *No drugs or surgery *No sedation or anesthesia needed *Extremely safe with no side effects *Can be combined with other medications and treatment *Immediate results: most treated pets feel better in 12-24 hours after treatment *Speeds the healing process If you have any questions or want more information about Laser Therapy and your pet, please call us (770-487-1338) or send us an email:

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Cruciate Ligament Knee Surgery in Dogs (Torn ACL)

Like people, dogs have two cruciate ligaments to help provide support for the knee. Their presence keeps the femur and tibia from sliding around and destabilizing the joint. Repairing torn cruciates is a fairly most common surgery at our animal hospital. Certain breeds (Labradors and Rottweilers) show up with this injury more frequently than other pets. Click on Cruciate Ligament Surgery link to the left for more information.

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Dental Care for Pets

The Animal Medical Clinic provides the most comprehensive dental care available in private practice. We have digital x-ray technology (Peachtree City location), state-of-the-art dental equipment and we use only the best dental health materials. We use a laser for oral surgery and provide comprehensive pain management when needed. Proper dental care at home and at the veterinary hospital is likely the most significant care you can provide for your pet to keep them happy and healthy.

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We are proud of our digital ultrasound unit. It gives us the opportunity to look at your pet's internal organs quickly and painlessly without anesthesia and surgery. In addition, we can examine the heart and heart valves using the color-flow doppler capability of our ultrasound machine. Click on Ultrasound link on the left to see video of a Dog's Heart using Ultrasound.

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