Prevention is the Best Medicine: When to Start Dental Care in Pets

A Veterinary Medicine Fairy Tale Baby Oscar, the 8-week-old dachshund puppy, entered his family’s regular veterinary clinic, tail wagging and nose sniffing.  During his first puppy wellness visit, his veterinarian discussed preventive dental care with Oscar’s family. Being a dachshund, Oscar is genetically prone to developing periodontal issues as he ages. Dachshunds are, sadly, a [...]

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Grain-Free Diets Might be a Problem for Your Dog

There has been a trend over the past several years towards “grain-free” pet foods. Recently there have been reports of a serious heart muscle problem called cardiomyopathy developing in dogs fed grain-free diets for months to years. The FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) has taken the step of issuing a news brief on this [...]

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How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

Have you ever brushed your pet's teeth? Maintaining a healthy mouth is one of the keys to keeping your pet healthy. It might seem difficult at first to brush your pet's teeth so we created this video to give you some tips: Happy Brushing!

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Low Cost Pet Dental Cleaning!

Keep your pet healthy with our Low Cost Pet Dental Cleaning plan! Did you know that oral disease is the most frequently diagnosed health problem for pets? Although daily teeth brushing is advised for dogs and cats, the reality is that only 2% of pet owners follow through. Dental problems can be a significant source [...]

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Voted the Best Vet in Fayette County!

We were voted the Best Vet in Fayette County 2016 in the Fayette County Lifestyle Magazine! Our doctors and staff are very appreciative of this honor and we thank our clients and patients for their support and trust! See the full list of The Best of Fayette County here:

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Healthy Skin for Dogs and Cats

September is when kids go back to school and finally, you have a chance to relax. Who wants to join you? Your pet! While you’re snuggling with your furry friend, you may feel a bump or rash on their skin. What should you do?Your pet may have bumps, lumps, missing fur, a black spot or [...]

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Why Does My Dog Itch?

Skin diseases are very common in dogs living in Georgia! We love our dogs so much, and we hate to see them suffering with skin problems. If your dog is itching, losing hair, or has other skin changes, they most likely have one of these conditions:

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Pet Travel

When traveling with your pet, there may be animal health requirements specific for your destination. Requirements might include a health certificate, updating vaccinations, diagnostic testing and administration of medications (note: some destinations require the endorsement of a USDA veterinarian located in Conyers, Georgia). The United States Department of Agriculture provides detailed travel requirements for many [...]

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What is an ACL & TTA?

One of the most common orthopedic injuries seen in dogs is a torn anterior cruciate ligament, or "ACL".  This ligament is inside the knee and helps to hold the two main bones (femur and tibia) of the rear leg in alignment.  A torn "ACL" is a very common athletic injury in people but commonly occurs [...]

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Surgery for Your Pet: Safety and Comfort

Most dogs and cats have surgery at least once in their life, most commonly to be spayed and neuter. At The Animal Medical Clinics, our goal is to provide the safest, most compassionate and pain-free surgical experience for your pet. Occasionally we are asked why surgery might cost more at our veterinary hospitals compared to "spay-neuter clinics". Generally speaking, the difference in price is usually related to the differences in how anesthesia and surgery is performed. We will never sacrifice the well-being and safety of your pet for price. Please click the "Surgery for Your Pet" link on the left for our list of important items for all surgical patients.

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7 Things Everyone Should Know About Ticks

All ticks come in small, medium and large sizes.Ticks have four main life stages: eggs (the smallest size), larvae (equivalent to a grain of sand) nymphs (the medium size, about the size of a poppy seed) and adults (the largest size, about the size of an apple seed). Ticks crawl up.Ticks live on the ground no [...]

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Fleas and Itchy Pets

You can count on us to help derail the whole flea problem. We’re experts when it comes to flea allergies and flea prevention. Prevention is simple and affordable.

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Does Your Pet Have a Healthy Heart?

You can tell a lot about your pet by looking at them. But one thing you can’t see is their heart. Is it healthy, or not? A pet may have heart disease and even the most observant owners may not realize it. Heart disease affects pets of all ages. For example, certain breeds of dogs and cats are [...]

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CPR Guidelines for Cats and Dogs

CPR guidelines for cats and dogs were just recently released.  We hope you will never have to use CPR on a member of your family or one of your friends but it is important to know just in case something unfortunate happens.  This is a short yet informative article on the new CPR Guidelines for [...]

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Springtime Allergies in Pets

From springtime through the late fall, many people are subject to seasonal allergies. But people are not the only ones suffering. For our dogs and cats, these same seasons can bring intense itching and discomfort. Yes, it seems our pets can get their own "hay fever".

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What is Toxoplasmosis and why is it important?

Toxoplasma gondii is a protozoan parasite that can infect almost all mammals and birds.  Experts in zoonotic diseases estimate that about 50% of humans worldwide have this parasite! This parasite is considered to be a significant concern because of its zoonotic potential.  A "zoonotic" disease is one that can be transmitted from animals to humans.  [...]

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Why Are Veterinarians Fascinated with Pets’ Feces?

Whether they call it a “fecal sample” or “stool specimen”, pet owners often wonder why their animal doctors have such a fascination with something that should be left in the backyard or litter box.  As it turns out, checking your pets’ feces just might keep the people in your family from getting seriously sick! It [...]

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Mushroom Poisoning

With the recent rain and slightly cooler weather in Georgia, we are seeing mushrooms sprouting in many lawns.  Several types of mushrooms can be poisonous to dogs.  One single type of mushroom, called the "Death Cap" mushroom, is responsible for the majority of fatal mushroom poisoning cases in the world.  This mushroom is native to [...]

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Adopt a Pet – Get a Free Exam

Have you recently adopted a pet from a local animal shelter or humane society? Considering it in the near future? We think it is very important to give good, loving homes to animals in need. Therefore, we offer the following benefit to newly adopted animals (over 6 months of age) from a local animal shelter or humane society: Free Initial Exam by one of our Veterinarians Thinking of adopted a puppy or kitten? Click here to find out about our Puppy & Kitten Packages. Thanks for helping one of our local dogs and cats find a good home! *Does not include: Vaccines, Intestinal Parasite Test, Heartworm Test, Feline Leukemia Test, heartworm and flea preventive medications, or treatment of medical problems if needed. *Must present adoption paperwork from humane society or animal shelter to qualify. *Offer valid up to 30 days after adoption.

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Heat Stroke in Pets

The owner was frantic. Just an hour before, her Cairn Terrier, Snickers was playing in the yard. Now he was listless and having trouble breathing. Rushing him to our veterinary hospital, a concerned veterinary technician informed her Snicker’s temperature was over 106 degrees – he was suffering from heat stroke. Luckily for Snickers – and with the help of a quick thinking owner and veterinary technician – he recovered.

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From Dr. Mac’s Desk: Little E

The little guy on the left is "e" or "Little E" as we call him. He's become a really handsome, precocious young kitten, but he definitely didn't start out that way. On the afternoon of April 16th, Little E was spotted all alone crawling across a busy highway in Sharpsburg. By the time he could be rescued, [...]

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Diabetes in Cats: A Disease on the Rise

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), diabetes affects more than 25.8 million people in the United States. This condition leads to heart disease, strokes and is a leading cause of death. Sadly, as our four legged companions mirror what’s happening to us, some pets, especially our cats, are at increasingly high risk for this disease.

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From Dr. Keenan’s Desk: Eclair

Eclair was brought to our Fairburn clinic recently by the manager of the local Dunkin' Donuts. She was found in their dumpster, and they thought she might have been hit by a car because she could hardly walk. She was in terrible condition and they thought she would have to be put to sleep to end her from suffering.

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From Dr. Chris’ Desk: Gator

Gator came in to our Fairburn office last Monday to see Dr. Chris.  Gator had stopped eating and he was very lethargic.   Although only 6 months old, he walked slowly, like an elderly dog, not bouncing around like an energetic boxer puppy.  Puppies commonly swallow things which cause an intestinal blockage.  An X-Ray showed this was not [...]

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From Dr. Mac’s Desk: Rickey

This is Rickey! It's amazing we were able to keep him still long enough to get this picture. We first met this little guy in mid-March when a local rescue group pulled him from the Spalding Co. Shelter shortly before he was to be euthanized. After noticing a significant limp on his left hindlimb, radiographs revealed a [...]

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Future Help for Dogs with Seizures

  University of Minnesota School of Veterinary Medicine research have developed a device which helps predict and control seizures in epileptic dogs.  This device could detect seizures before they occur enabling drugs to be given to prevent or minimize the seizure. People with epilepsy might also benefit from the device and preventative medicine! Click here [...]

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From Dr. Mac’s Desk: Itchy Dogs, Part I: Atopy

This is Kona. Kona has been really itchy lately. She spends almost all of her time licking and chewing her paws, abdomen, and hindlegs. Over time, her skin has become red, swollen, and scabbed, and despite frequent bathing, she always gives off a foul odor. As you can imagine, this has been really frustrating for [...]

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From Dr. Keenan’s Desk: Sophie Beats Parvo!

Sophie is a 9 week old Pomeranian puppy we took care of last week.  She weighs all of 1 & 1/2 pounds and came in to our Fairburn office last week because she was not eating and had vomiting and diarrhea.  Sophie had yet to receive her first puppy vaccinations so Dr. John Keenan was [...]

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From Dr. Jeff’s Desk: Bonnie

Bonnie and Lageita Meet Bonnie.  She is about 6 years old.  Bonnie is a Schipperke who unfortunately spent the first 5 1/2 years of her life as a breeding dog at a Missouri puppy mill.  She was dumped at a shelter in Missouri 3 months ago but fortunately she was rescued by a [...]

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From Dr. Mac’s Desk: Hershey

I first met Hershey when his new family brought him in for his first puppy visit. Right away, I had some concerns due to his pale, tacky gums, bloated abdomen, and lethargic demeanor. After a thorough exam, I administered subcutaneous fluids to help with dehydration and dewormers to begin to treat the severe intestinal parasitism I [...]

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From Dr. Mac’s Desk: Dixie

Meet Dixie! This little girl was brought in by a local rescue group after they were contacted by the Spalding County Animal Shelter. Unbelievably, her previous owner attempted to crop her ears with kitchen shears. As you can see from her picture, her poor ears have been disfigured and are now very infected. Otherwise, though, Dixie is [...]

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From Dr. Mac’s Desk: Zelda

  Around this time last year, Zelda came to see me for her annual check up. Her mom reported that she had vomited a couple of times over the two to three days prior to her visit. Her examination at that time was routine and an intestinal parasite test later revealed the presence of a parasite [...]

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From Dr. Vince’s Desk: Kobe

Kobe is a 6 year old Yorkie and he had to spend a lot of time with us this week. Kobe was bitten on the head by another dog on Sunday and was rushed to Southern Crescent Animal Emergency Clinic in Fayetteville. He suffered severe head trauma.  They did a fantastic job of stabilizing Kobe [...]

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From Dr. Mac’s Desk: Optimus

I met Optimus for the first time today after he woke up with severe lethargy, vomiting, and diarrhea this morning. His parents were extremely concerned about him as he seemed just fine when they picked him up from the breeder last night. In fact, Optimus was a present for his new mom whose birthday is tomorrow. Very worried but [...]

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From Dr. Vince’s Desk: Izzy the Pit Bull Puppy

Izzy came rushing into our office this morning bleeding from her right rear leg.  Izzy is a 7 month old Pit Bull who was outside playing with her dog brothers and sister.  We are not sure what happened but something caused a 5 inch long laceration to her back leg, completely down to the bone.  [...]

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From Dr. Vince’s Desk: Babushka

  I rechecked Babuska today.  She is a 10 year old terrier who spent 6 months in our hospital last year after she was found wandering around Fairburn in terrible condition.  We nursed her back to health and now she has a wonderful home.  Unfortunately, two weeks ago she jumped off the couch and broke [...]

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From Dr. Mac’s Desk: Miss Stache

Although you wouldn't know it from our blog posts up to this point, the Animal Medical Clinics also see a large number of feline patients! The adorable kitten you see above captured all of our hearts when she was found injured on Halloween. Her name is Miss Stache, and I think if you take another [...]

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From Dr. Rip’s Desk: Kolie

Today, we took care of a 5 yr old Shih Tzu named Kolie who was having a urinary problem. She was having to go outside often like she had a bladder infection. X-rays showed she was actually trying to pass small urinary stones! One of the stones had caused a temporary blockage that I was fortunately able to relieve, clearing her [...]

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From Dr. Mac’s Desk: Duke

This handsome young man is Duke. Let's just say that Thanksgiving was a hard day for Duke. After receiving treatment for multiple yellow jacket stings in the morning, Duke was frightened by hunters' gun shots in the afternoon and ran away. He was not found until late last night. During his absence, neighbors reported witnessing Duke being run over by a [...]

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From Dr. Vince’s Desk: Dotti Update

Dotti had surgery yesterday. We suspected she had a hernia of her diaphragm. However, during surgery we discovered that her diaphragm was fine but she has a lot of infection around her lungs. We removed a lot of this fluid and she successively recovered from surgery. Today she is feeling better and starting to eat a little bit of food. Since our hospital is closed for Thanksgiving, she will be recuperating at Dr. Vince's house and we hope she continues to improve and can go home with her family on Friday. We are thankful that Dotti seems to be recovering and at The Animal Medical Clinics we are thankful for all of the wonderful pets we are blessed to care for.

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From Dr. Mac’s Desk: Pippa

I first met Pippa several months ago after she and her siblings were abandoned in a local neighborhood. The family that took Pippa in grew concerned after she stopped eating, rapidly lost weight, and began vomiting and having diarrhea. After an examination and labwork, I was forced to break  the bad news - Pippa was suffering [...]

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From Dr. Mac’s Desk: Frisky

Say hello to Frisky, a 7 year old female Pug! We have been seeing a lot of this smiling face the past couple of days. Frisky initially came in to see us yesterday when her worried owner, Andrea, with whom she is inseparable, called to report that she had urinated more frequently than normal during [...]

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From Dr. Mac’s Desk: Maggie

Maggie is an 8 year chihuahua that came to the Animal Medical Clinic of PTC this summer after a local rescue organization picked her up from a shelter shortly before she was to be euthanized. When I first met Maggie, she was emaciated, struggled for every breath, and had not eaten for 2 weeks...

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Cats & The Litter Box

Most cats that eliminate outside of their litter box do so because something about the box bothers them. This is often either a problem with the litter (substrate preference or aversion) or the location of the box (location preference). This list of suggestions can help you correct elimination problems in your cat.

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Pain Management at The Animal Medical Clinic

At The Animal Medical Clinic, one of our primary concerns every day is that your pet be comfortable and pain free. Pain has many causes. When it happens to your pets, it’s especially sad. It generates almost the same emotions in us as when our children hurt. If your pet has surgery in one of our hospitals, we take every available step to make sure she is as comfortable as possible. This involves using very effective and safe pain relief medications, both before surgery and when you take your pet home. The majority of our surgeries are done using a Surgical Laser. This technology leads to less pain, less bleeding and much quicker recovery from surgery. Recently, we added a Therapy Laser to our pain management arsenal. We use the laser daily to decrease pain and inflammation caused by a variety of problems such as arthritis, neck and back problems, wounds and many other.

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Cruciate Ligament Knee Surgery in Dogs (Torn ACL)

Like people, dogs have two cruciate ligaments to help provide support for the knee. Their presence keeps the femur and tibia from sliding around and destabilizing the joint. Repairing torn cruciates is a fairly most common surgery at our animal hospital. Certain breeds (Labradors and Rottweilers) show up with this injury more frequently than other pets. Click on Cruciate Ligament Surgery link to the left for more information.

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