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Fleas and Itchy Pets

You can count on us to help derail the whole flea problem. We’re experts when it comes to flea allergies and flea prevention. Prevention is simple and affordable.

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Does Your Pet Have a Healthy Heart?

You can tell a lot about your pet by looking at them. But one thing you can’t see is their heart. Is it healthy, or not? A pet may have heart disease and even the most observant owners may not realize it. Heart disease affects pets of all ages. For example, certain breeds of dogs and cats are [...]

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CPR Guidelines for Cats and Dogs

CPR guidelines for cats and dogs were just recently released.  We hope you will never have to use CPR on a member of your family or one of your friends but it is important to know just in case something unfortunate happens.  This is a short yet informative article on the new CPR Guidelines for [...]

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Springtime Allergies in Pets

From springtime through the late fall, many people are subject to seasonal allergies. But people are not the only ones suffering. For our dogs and cats, these same seasons can bring intense itching and discomfort. Yes, it seems our pets can get their own "hay fever".

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What is Toxoplasmosis and why is it important?

Toxoplasma gondii is a protozoan parasite that can infect almost all mammals and birds.  Experts in zoonotic diseases estimate that about 50% of humans worldwide have this parasite! This parasite is considered to be a significant concern because of its zoonotic potential.  A "zoonotic" disease is one that can be transmitted from animals to humans.  [...]

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Why Are Veterinarians Fascinated with Pets’ Feces?

Whether they call it a “fecal sample” or “stool specimen”, pet owners often wonder why their animal doctors have such a fascination with something that should be left in the backyard or litter box.  As it turns out, checking your pets’ feces just might keep the people in your family from getting seriously sick! It [...]

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Support for our K-9 Police Officers in Fairburn

Dr. Chris Schwenk at our Animal Medical Clinic of Fairburn presented Emergency First Aid Kits for "Cord" and the other K-9 officers to Mayor Avery and Office Pridemore at a recent Fairburn City Council meeting. Thank you Officer Pridemore and Cord, for your service to our community!

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It’s Tick Season!

It's Tick Season! Due to the relatively warm winter weather this past year, we are predicting an intense tick season this spring.

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Feeding Bones is an Expensive Gamble!

No matter if it’s a brand new puppy or a senior citizen dog, pet owners love to spoil their canine friends with bones. After all, what’s more natural than a dog with a bone? But our veterinarians warn that feeding bones is a gamble that could end up creating a very unnatural veterinary bill!

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Responsible Pet Ownership!

For several decades now, pet owners have been encouraged to be “responsible” and spay or neuter their pets. We all know that these surgeries can reduce the numbers of unwanted puppies and kittens. But, there is a deeper meaning to being a responsible pet owner. How else can we reduce shelter populations, save more animals and even enrich the lives of our pets at home?

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Chewing Gum Xylitol Toxicity

Several different human foods can actually be dangerous to dogs and cats.   We want to spread the word about a little known threat…Xylitol! Xylitol is an artificial sweetener used in sugar free gums and candies here in the United States.  It was first developed in Europe in the 1960s, and was mainly for use by [...]

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Veterinary Technicians – Trusted Partners for Your Pet’s Care

Anyone who has read James Herriot’s immortal novels about veterinary practice knows that much of the work he did with animals and pets he did by himself.  The owners in the stories were either unable or unwilling to help and having any sort of assistant was reserved for extreme situations, like a difficult calving. Fast [...]

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Winning the “Battle of the Bulge”

According to a recent survey,* more than half of U.S. dogs and cats are overweight. These pets are at a higher risk for developing serious medical problems, including arthritis, diabetes, breathing problems, and some forms of cancer. So how can you slim down your supersized pet and reduce the risk of these diseases? The answer [...]

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Dr. Vince's recently adopted dog "Rue" October is Adopt-A-Dog Month across the U.S.  This observance helps shine a light on the needs of the millions of dogs in shelters and rescues across the country who need homes. Although accurate numbers are hard to determine, it is estimated that 3 to 4 million pets [...]

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Mushroom Poisoning

With the recent rain and slightly cooler weather in Georgia, we are seeing mushrooms sprouting in many lawns.  Several types of mushrooms can be poisonous to dogs.  One single type of mushroom, called the "Death Cap" mushroom, is responsible for the majority of fatal mushroom poisoning cases in the world.  This mushroom is native to [...]

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Purchasing Pet Drugs Online: Buyer Beware

Most of us are often looking for ways to save money.  However, we urge our clients to be very aware of the risks of buying pet medications online.   At times, trying to save a few dollars buy purchasing from the wrong internet site can have serious negative health consequences for your pet.  Please read this [...]

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What to do if Your Pet is Lost

As much as we think our pets would never leave our side, millions of animals do end up wandering away from their homes every year. Some will rejoin their families, thanks to high tech identification like microchips, but many end up in shelters, some go to new homes and a few are even taken for [...]

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Adopt a Pet – Get a Free Exam

Have you recently adopted a pet from a local animal shelter or humane society? Considering it in the near future? We think it is very important to give good, loving homes to animals in need. Therefore, we offer the following benefit to newly adopted animals (over 6 months of age) from a local animal shelter or humane society: Free Initial Exam by one of our Veterinarians Thinking of adopted a puppy or kitten? Click here to find out about our Puppy & Kitten Packages. Thanks for helping one of our local dogs and cats find a good home! *Does not include: Vaccines, Intestinal Parasite Test, Heartworm Test, Feline Leukemia Test, heartworm and flea preventive medications, or treatment of medical problems if needed. *Must present adoption paperwork from humane society or animal shelter to qualify. *Offer valid up to 30 days after adoption.

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Heat Stroke in Pets

The owner was frantic. Just an hour before, her Cairn Terrier, Snickers was playing in the yard. Now he was listless and having trouble breathing. Rushing him to our veterinary hospital, a concerned veterinary technician informed her Snicker’s temperature was over 106 degrees – he was suffering from heat stroke. Luckily for Snickers – and with the help of a quick thinking owner and veterinary technician – he recovered.

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Diabetes in Cats: A Disease on the Rise

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), diabetes affects more than 25.8 million people in the United States. This condition leads to heart disease, strokes and is a leading cause of death. Sadly, as our four legged companions mirror what’s happening to us, some pets, especially our cats, are at increasingly high risk for this disease.

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From Dr. Keenan’s Desk: Eclair

Eclair was brought to our Fairburn clinic recently by the manager of the local Dunkin' Donuts. She was found in their dumpster, and they thought she might have been hit by a car because she could hardly walk. She was in terrible condition and they thought she would have to be put to sleep to end her from suffering.

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What Does It Take To Become A Veterinarian?

Becoming a veterinarian not only takes passion and intelligence, but a fair amount of sacrifice and commitment as well. The degree of “Doctor of Veterinary Medicine” or “Veterinary Medical Doctor” is one of diversity and certainly a rewarding profession.

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From Dr. Chris’ Desk: Gator

Gator came in to our Fairburn office last Monday to see Dr. Chris.  Gator had stopped eating and he was very lethargic.   Although only 6 months old, he walked slowly, like an elderly dog, not bouncing around like an energetic boxer puppy.  Puppies commonly swallow things which cause an intestinal blockage.  An X-Ray showed this was not [...]

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Future Help for Dogs with Seizures

  University of Minnesota School of Veterinary Medicine research have developed a device which helps predict and control seizures in epileptic dogs.  This device could detect seizures before they occur enabling drugs to be given to prevent or minimize the seizure. People with epilepsy might also benefit from the device and preventative medicine! Click here [...]

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Spinal Cord Injuries – Veterinary Research Helping People and Pets!

Trauma to the spinal cord is a serious, often fatal injury in people and pets. Damage to the cord by fractures of the vertebrae or swelling can often lead to pain and weakness and even partial or complete loss of movement or sensation. These situations are medical emergencies! Interesting new research is now showing promise and the hero of the research may be a family pet!

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Rabies is in the News!

Pet owners are always being told to have their pets vaccinated for Rabies. However, you seldom here of animals contracting this deadly virus. Rabies is a virus spread from animals to other animals by bite wounds. It is almost always fatal. Fortunately, it is very easy to prevent this deadly infection by vaccinations. The challenge [...]

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From Dr. Keenan’s Desk: Sophie Beats Parvo!

Sophie is a 9 week old Pomeranian puppy we took care of last week.  She weighs all of 1 & 1/2 pounds and came in to our Fairburn office last week because she was not eating and had vomiting and diarrhea.  Sophie had yet to receive her first puppy vaccinations so Dr. John Keenan was [...]

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Helping the Fayette County Humane Society

"Life is Great!  Pets Make it Better!" -- The Animal Medical Clinics of Peachtree City and Fairburn recently presented the Fayette County Humane Society with a check for over $1,000 raised from the sale of t-shirts at their clinics.  Drs. Jeff Richardson and Vince Obsitnik presented the donation to Karen Arkin, Sharon Marchisello, and Stephanie [...]

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Pets and Holiday Foods Often Lead to Big Problems!

The Christmas holiday is one of great joy, family reunions and a lot of celebration.  But, for some pet loving families, this happy time of year quickly turns to sadness and distress because of a medical emergency.  Here are some very real stories of holiday emergencies and some tips on how to avoid a trip [...]

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From Dr. Rip’s Desk: Kolie

Today, we took care of a 5 yr old Shih Tzu named Kolie who was having a urinary problem. She was having to go outside often like she had a bladder infection. X-rays showed she was actually trying to pass small urinary stones! One of the stones had caused a temporary blockage that I was fortunately able to relieve, clearing her [...]

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Raw Diets for Pets: Are They OK?

Take a stroll down the pet food aisle of your favorite store and your eyes will take in every imaginable color, a few cartoon characters and a lot of claims stating the food is “improved”, “natural” or even “organic”. It’s truly a marketing bonanza! More than 3,000 brands of pet food fill the aisles and pet owners will spend about $18 billion to feed their pets each and every year. [Dotti] But, high profile recalls, sick pets and corporate mistrust has moved a small number of pet owners to consider making their pets’ food at home, instead of buying it in a bag

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Cats and Veterinary Care

Poet Jean Burden once said that a cat “is still only a whisker away from the wilds” and for many cat enthusiasts, this is the exact reason they love their self-sufficient felines. Experts believe that cats and humans have interacted with each other for more than 10,000 years. From their humble beginnings chasing rodents away [...]

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Protecting Your Pet’s Vision

As part of your pet’s regular check up, our veterinarians will spend time peering into the depths of your animal’s eyes.  In the majority of cases, the doctor will see eyes that are bright, clear and free of any sort of abnormality. Occasionally though, pets present to one of our veterinarians with injuries, scratches or [...]

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The Importance of Vaccines for Pets

Both people and pets are helped tremendously by the medical procedure known as immunization. Immunizing a pet is both smart and very inexpensive protection against a variety of deadly diseases that are known to infect both dogs and cats. For many pet owners vaccinating their pets is a simple procedure. While the process is simple, deciding which vaccines to give and when has become more complicated. New vaccines for emerging diseases need to be given at different intervals and not all pets need every vaccination available to veterinarians.

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Rabies in the Atlanta area! Keep your pet vaccinated

Rabies is still around! Many wild animals, dogs and cats die every year in Georgia from this viral infection. So far this year, rabies has been confirmed in the Atlanta area in a dog, cat, raccoons and foxes. PLEASE KEEP YOUR PET UP TO DATE ON HIS OR HER RABIES VACCINE! Click here to go [...]

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Itchy Pets are Miserable Pets!

It’s a common occurrence…pet owners expressing feelings of frustration, helplessness and even despair from a single symptom. Their pets itch and scratch, itch and scratch - and it is not a flea problem! Although this may not seem like a big deal, these owners suffer through sleepless nights as their pets scratch and chew and lick, all in an attempt to get some needed relief. If it’s not fleas…what can this common problem be?

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Your Dog Ate What???

Most pet owners aren’t too concerned when their pets gobble down some grass, try to eat a bone or even grab the wrapper from a candy bar. But, when their tastes turn to gravel and rocks or even plastic toys, you might have a serious problem! Why do our pets try to eat such weird stuff?

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Helping Your Pet Keep His Cool This Summer

Everyone loves the summertime!   But our pets can also have it rough during the extremely hot weather.  Here are a few tips and a video from The Animal Medical Clinic to help keep your pet cool this summer! 1. Heat stroke, also known as heat prostration, affects hundreds to thousands of dogs every year. 2. Since dogs [...]

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Puppy Vaccines and Preventive Care

Preventive care, along with proper training, is the key to raising a healthy and happy puppy. To prevent many life-threatening infectious diseases, puppies require a series of several vaccinations. In addition, treatment for very common parasites is routinely given. Please click on Puppy Vaccines and Preventive Care link on the left to see our recommended puppy preventive care schedule.

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Cats & The Litter Box

Most cats that eliminate outside of their litter box do so because something about the box bothers them. This is often either a problem with the litter (substrate preference or aversion) or the location of the box (location preference). This list of suggestions can help you correct elimination problems in your cat.

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Kitten Vaccines and Preventive Care

Preventive care, along with proper training, is the key to raising a healthy and happy kitten. To prevent many life-threatening infectious diseases, kittens require a series of several vaccinations. In addition, treatment for very common parasites is routinely given. Please click on Kitten Vaccines and Preventive Care link on the left to see our recommended kitten preventive care schedule.

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Wellness & Preventive Care

Just like people, dogs and cats benefit from an annual check-up. Your dog or cat will be thoroughly examined in an attempt to find problems in their early stages so they may be addressed before they cause illness. During these appointments, we will also discuss which vaccinations will be necessary, recommend preventive measures against fleas and ticks, recommend needed dental care, and discuss proper weight management and nutrition.

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Does Your Pet Need Car Insurance?

"Some auto insurers are providing motorists with a little more peace of mind when they're behind the wheel with Fido and Fluffy. Special car insurance helps cover the cost of care if pets are injured in an auto accident.". Click here to read more.

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Medical & Diagnostics

The Animal Medical Clinic is proud to offer comprehensive preventive health care including puppy and kitten care, wellness exams and vaccinations, and geriatric programs. For those pets that are not feeling well, our clinic provides state-of-the-art treatment and diagnostic services. Our doctors are trained to treat just about any illness including allergies and other skin conditions (dermatology), heart problems (cardiology), intestinal problems (gastroenterology), arthritis and other joint problems and many others. We have a comprehensive laboratory on site which provides testing results in minutes. In addition, we utilize a large outside diagnostic lab for additional tests. Other services provided are radiography (digital x-rays available at our Peachtree City location) and digital ultrasound which provides a non-invasive way for us to take a detailed look inside the chest or abdomen.

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Our doctors and staff at both our Peachtree City and Fairburn locations are ready to care for your pet if there is an emergency during our normal office hours. When possible, call ahead and let us know you are coming with an emergency: 770-487-1338 When we are closed, we recommend that you take your pet to: Southern Crescent Animal Emergency Clinic 770-460-8166 1270 Highway 54 East Fayetteville, Georgia www.scanimaler.com

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Surgery & Laser Surgery

The Animal Medical Clinic performs most surgeries necessary for your dog or cat, including spays and neuters. In addition, we perform many procedures not routinely done at many small animal hospitals. This includes many cancer surgeries and orthopedic procedures, especially knee surgeries such as cruciate ligament repair (TTA procedure) and luxating patella surgery (MPL). The majority of surgeries are done utilizing our surgical laser. The surgical laser minimizes bleeding, pain and infection. We take great pride in our anesthetic safety, monitoring and post-operative pain relief management.

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What is a “Hot Spot”?

"Hot Spots" are sore, painful patches of skin which are very itchy and drain a moist material. Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers tend to be the most commonly affected breeds. "Hot Spots" are caused by something irritating the skin, most often allergies. Because of this irritation, dogs scratch incessantly making the problem even worse.

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Pain Management at The Animal Medical Clinic

At The Animal Medical Clinic, one of our primary concerns every day is that your pet be comfortable and pain free. Pain has many causes. When it happens to your pets, it’s especially sad. It generates almost the same emotions in us as when our children hurt. If your pet has surgery in one of our hospitals, we take every available step to make sure she is as comfortable as possible. This involves using very effective and safe pain relief medications, both before surgery and when you take your pet home. The majority of our surgeries are done using a Surgical Laser. This technology leads to less pain, less bleeding and much quicker recovery from surgery. Recently, we added a Therapy Laser to our pain management arsenal. We use the laser daily to decrease pain and inflammation caused by a variety of problems such as arthritis, neck and back problems, wounds and many other.

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Laser Therapy

LASER THERAPY is an advanced therapy for the treatment of Inflammatory or Painful conditions in dogs and cats. When can we use LASER THERAPY? *Arthritis & Hip Dysplasia *Acute & Chronic Pain *Back Injuries *Ear Infections *Mouth Pain *Sprains & Strains *Wound Healing & Trauma What are the BENEFITS of LASER THERAPY? *No drugs or surgery *No sedation or anesthesia needed *Extremely safe with no side effects *Can be combined with other medications and treatment *Immediate results: most treated pets feel better in 12-24 hours after treatment *Speeds the healing process If you have any questions or want more information about Laser Therapy and your pet, please call us (770-487-1338) or send us an email: staff@theanimalmedicalclinic.com

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Cruciate Ligament Knee Surgery in Dogs (Torn ACL)

Like people, dogs have two cruciate ligaments to help provide support for the knee. Their presence keeps the femur and tibia from sliding around and destabilizing the joint. Repairing torn cruciates is a fairly most common surgery at our animal hospital. Certain breeds (Labradors and Rottweilers) show up with this injury more frequently than other pets. Click on Cruciate Ligament Surgery link to the left for more information.

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Dental Care for Pets

The Animal Medical Clinic provides the most comprehensive dental care available in private practice. We have digital x-ray technology (Peachtree City location), state-of-the-art dental equipment and we use only the best dental health materials. We use a laser for oral surgery and provide comprehensive pain management when needed. Proper dental care at home and at the veterinary hospital is likely the most significant care you can provide for your pet to keep them happy and healthy.

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Introducing Dr. John Keenan

We are very proud to announce the addition of Dr. John Keenan to our staff of doctors at The Animal Medical Clinics of Peachtree City and Fairburn! Dr. John Keenan graduated from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine in May 2011.   Go Dawgs!  He has lived in Peachtree City for most of [...]

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Pet Obesity is a Big Problem…and Getting Worse!

Walking the paths of Peachtree City, it is readily apparent that there are a lot of overweight dogs.  A recent study of pet obesity showed the following results: 35% of dogs and 32.1% of cats were overweight. 20.6% of dogs and 21.6% of cats were obese (great than 30% above their ideal weight). Overall, 55.6% [...]

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Laser Therapy at The Animal Medical Clinic

We are proud to announce the addition of LASER THERAPY to the available treatment options we have for your pet! LASER THERAPY is an advanced therapy for the treatment of Inflammatory or Painful conditions in dogs and cats.   When can we use LASER THERAPY? Arthritis & Hip Dysplasia Acute & Chronic Pain Back Injuries [...]

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Pet Health Insurance

Have you ever considered health insurance for your pet? There are several American pet insurance providers, which offer vastly different options related to coverage and price point. Before selecting a provider, try to find answers to the following questions to help guide your decision:

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Puppy Socialization and Why It’s So Important

The importance of proper socialization programs continues to be on the forefront of puppy and kitten behavior. Early prevention of behavioral problems, starting with appropriate socialization, is far better than patient rehabilitation and/or medical intervention later on.

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First Aid Tips for Pet Owners

Be prepared if you pet has a medical emergency.  Visit this site from the American Veterinary Medical Association to learn the basics you need for giving first aid care to your pet: http://www.avma.org/firstaid/default.asp

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Thunderstorms: Do They Bother Your Dog?

Springtime in Georgia brings beautiful birds, colorful flowers and plants but also numerous thunderstorms. While cats are infrequently bothered by thunderstorms, the opposite is true for many dogs. Thunderstorm phobia is very common in dogs creating stressful bouts of anxiety for our four-legged friends.

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Protectiong the family dog as the flu season approaches…

Every fall and winter we see many dogs with upper respiratory infections, similar to what people get.  Here is an article to get more information regarding the Canine Flu.  We highly recommend your dog be vaccinated against the Canine Flu if he or she will be spending time in a boarding kennel. http://www.northjersey.com/news/health/106667598_Your_best_friend_may_need_the_flu_vaccine_this_year.html

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Preparing Your Dog or Puppy for a visit to the Veterinarian

Visiting your veterinarian is essential to keeping your dog healthy and happy, and it is an important part of being a responsible pet owner. However, a routine checkup can sometimes be distressing to our canine companions. See this article written by the dog trainers at Bark Busters Home Dog Training for great information:

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Antifreeze a Sweet But Lethal Drink for Pets

Antifreeze is often deadly to dogs and cats.  Clean up any spills immediately and keep bottles of antifreeze stored away from pets and children.  For more information see this article: http://consumer.healthday.com/Article.asp?AID=645043

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Microchips and Lost Pets

What would you do if your pet got lost? One of the number one causes of pet death is getting lost! 10 million pets get lost every year. 9 million of these pets are never reunited with their owners. Microchipping pets is a way to give them permanent identification in the event of getting lost [...]

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Local Pet Links

Peachtree City Dog Park - www.ptcdogpark.com Fayette County Animal Shelter - www.fayettecountyga.gov/animal_control Fayette County Humane Society - www.fayettehumane.org Boarding Facilities: Puppy Tubs B & B pet resort  (678-364-9663) - PTC - www.puppytubsbnb.com The Fur Pet Resort (770-486-0209) - PTC - www.thefurpetresort.com Greenwood Kennels  (770-487-9527) - PTC - www.greenwoodkennels.com Happy Time Boarding  (770-486-9225) - PTC - (no [...]

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Pet Portal

We are proud to offer our clients a unique online resource, our Animal Medical Clinic Pet Portal  This will give you instant access to everything you need to care for your pet: Upload a new picture of your pet See your pet’s medication history at a glance See your pet's vaccination reminders Request appointments online [...]

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Welcome to The Animal Medical Clinic

We pride ourselves on being the areas best source for your pet's medical and preventive needs The Animal Medical Clinic has a 20-year reputation of providing the highest quality medical care to dogs and cats and outstanding, compassionate and caring service to our clients.

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We are proud of our digital ultrasound unit. It gives us the opportunity to look at your pet's internal organs quickly and painlessly without anesthesia and surgery. In addition, we can examine the heart and heart valves using the color-flow doppler capability of our ultrasound machine. Click on Ultrasound link on the left to see video of a Dog's Heart using Ultrasound.

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We maintain a large inventory of pet medications in order to get your pet on the road to recovery as fast as possible.  In addition, we are passionate believers in preventive care. We recommend monthly preventive medication to keep your pets free of heartworms, intestinal worms and fleas. We believe Sentinel® (given orally) is the best [...]

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Peachtree City Animal Medical Clinic

The Animal Medical Clinic of Peachtree City has decades of experience caring for the pets of Fayette and Coweta County. Our dedicated veterinarians, our knowledgeable and caring front desk staff and our highly skilled and compassionate veterinary nursing staff seek to provide the highest standard of medical care for your pet.

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Fairburn Animal Medical Clinic

The Animal Medical Clinic of Fairburn is the Fairburn area's best source for your pet's wellness care, including vaccinations, and medical care during times of illness. Our dedicated veterinarians, our knowledgeable and caring front desk staff…

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