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From Dr. Vince’s Desk: Kobe

Kobe is a 6 year old Yorkie and he had to spend a lot of time with us this week. Kobe was bitten on the head by another dog on Sunday and was rushed to Southern Crescent Animal Emergency Clinic in Fayetteville. He suffered severe head trauma.  They did a fantastic job of stabilizing Kobe [...]

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From Dr. Vince’s Desk: Izzy the Pit Bull Puppy

Izzy came rushing into our office this morning bleeding from her right rear leg.  Izzy is a 7 month old Pit Bull who was outside playing with her dog brothers and sister.  We are not sure what happened but something caused a 5 inch long laceration to her back leg, completely down to the bone.  [...]

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From Dr. Vince’s Desk: Babushka

  I rechecked Babuska today.  She is a 10 year old terrier who spent 6 months in our hospital last year after she was found wandering around Fairburn in terrible condition.  We nursed her back to health and now she has a wonderful home.  Unfortunately, two weeks ago she jumped off the couch and broke [...]

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From Dr. Vince’s Desk: Dotti Update

Dotti had surgery yesterday. We suspected she had a hernia of her diaphragm. However, during surgery we discovered that her diaphragm was fine but she has a lot of infection around her lungs. We removed a lot of this fluid and she successively recovered from surgery. Today she is feeling better and starting to eat a little bit of food. Since our hospital is closed for Thanksgiving, she will be recuperating at Dr. Vince's house and we hope she continues to improve and can go home with her family on Friday. We are thankful that Dotti seems to be recovering and at The Animal Medical Clinics we are thankful for all of the wonderful pets we are blessed to care for.

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Dr. Vince’s “Tales from the Vet” January 8, 2011

The experts say that people with a positive mental attitude stay healthier and recover faster from an illness compared to those without a positive mental attitude. I believe the same thing is true for dogs. This is a story about a special dog with a very positive mental attitude. Lady was a ten year old [...]

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Dr. Vince’s “Tales from the Vet” November 12, 2010

Mr. Calhoun called at 7:05 am on Thursday morning and spoke with our receptionist, Nancy.  Nancy's been working at our hospital for almost 20 years and knows just about everyone who has a dog or cat in the area. “Good morning Mr. Calhoun, how is Casper doing?” Nancy said when she recognized Mr. Calhoun's voice [...]

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Dr. Vince’s “Tales from the Vet” November 4, 2010

Trixie was on my Monday morning schedule at 10 am. I had operated on Trixie three times in the past year to remove numerous skin lumps. I was hoping she was here to see me for another reason as I opened the door to the exam room and greeted Trixie, a bouncing, happy, tail-wagging black [...]

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