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From Dr. Mac’s Desk: Little E

The little guy on the left is "e" or "Little E" as we call him. He's become a really handsome, precocious young kitten, but he definitely didn't start out that way. On the afternoon of April 16th, Little E was spotted all alone crawling across a busy highway in Sharpsburg. By the time he could be rescued, [...]

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From Dr. Mac’s Desk: Rickey

This is Rickey! It's amazing we were able to keep him still long enough to get this picture. We first met this little guy in mid-March when a local rescue group pulled him from the Spalding Co. Shelter shortly before he was to be euthanized. After noticing a significant limp on his left hindlimb, radiographs revealed a [...]

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From Dr. Mac’s Desk: Itchy Dogs, Part I: Atopy

This is Kona. Kona has been really itchy lately. She spends almost all of her time licking and chewing her paws, abdomen, and hindlegs. Over time, her skin has become red, swollen, and scabbed, and despite frequent bathing, she always gives off a foul odor. As you can imagine, this has been really frustrating for [...]

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From Dr. Mac’s Desk: Hershey

I first met Hershey when his new family brought him in for his first puppy visit. Right away, I had some concerns due to his pale, tacky gums, bloated abdomen, and lethargic demeanor. After a thorough exam, I administered subcutaneous fluids to help with dehydration and dewormers to begin to treat the severe intestinal parasitism I [...]

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From Dr. Mac’s Desk: Dixie

Meet Dixie! This little girl was brought in by a local rescue group after they were contacted by the Spalding County Animal Shelter. Unbelievably, her previous owner attempted to crop her ears with kitchen shears. As you can see from her picture, her poor ears have been disfigured and are now very infected. Otherwise, though, Dixie is [...]

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From Dr. Mac’s Desk: Zelda

  Around this time last year, Zelda came to see me for her annual check up. Her mom reported that she had vomited a couple of times over the two to three days prior to her visit. Her examination at that time was routine and an intestinal parasite test later revealed the presence of a parasite [...]

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From Dr. Mac’s Desk: Optimus

I met Optimus for the first time today after he woke up with severe lethargy, vomiting, and diarrhea this morning. His parents were extremely concerned about him as he seemed just fine when they picked him up from the breeder last night. In fact, Optimus was a present for his new mom whose birthday is tomorrow. Very worried but [...]

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From Dr. Mac’s Desk: Miss Stache

Although you wouldn't know it from our blog posts up to this point, the Animal Medical Clinics also see a large number of feline patients! The adorable kitten you see above captured all of our hearts when she was found injured on Halloween. Her name is Miss Stache, and I think if you take another [...]

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From Dr. Mac’s Desk: Duke

This handsome young man is Duke. Let's just say that Thanksgiving was a hard day for Duke. After receiving treatment for multiple yellow jacket stings in the morning, Duke was frightened by hunters' gun shots in the afternoon and ran away. He was not found until late last night. During his absence, neighbors reported witnessing Duke being run over by a [...]

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From Dr. Mac’s Desk: Pippa

I first met Pippa several months ago after she and her siblings were abandoned in a local neighborhood. The family that took Pippa in grew concerned after she stopped eating, rapidly lost weight, and began vomiting and having diarrhea. After an examination and labwork, I was forced to break  the bad news - Pippa was suffering [...]

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From Dr. Mac’s Desk: Frisky

Say hello to Frisky, a 7 year old female Pug! We have been seeing a lot of this smiling face the past couple of days. Frisky initially came in to see us yesterday when her worried owner, Andrea, with whom she is inseparable, called to report that she had urinated more frequently than normal during [...]

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From Dr. Mac’s Desk: Maggie

Maggie is an 8 year chihuahua that came to the Animal Medical Clinic of PTC this summer after a local rescue organization picked her up from a shelter shortly before she was to be euthanized. When I first met Maggie, she was emaciated, struggled for every breath, and had not eaten for 2 weeks...

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