What to do if Your Pet is Lost

As much as we think our pets would never leave our side, millions of animals do end up wandering away from their homes every year. Some will rejoin their families, thanks to high tech identification like microchips, but many end up in shelters, some go to new homes and a few are even taken for [...]

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Adopt a Pet – Get a Free Exam

Have you recently adopted a pet from a local animal shelter or humane society? Considering it in the near future? We think it is very important to give good, loving homes to animals in need. Therefore, we offer the following benefit to newly adopted animals (over 6 months of age) from a local animal shelter or humane society: Free Initial Exam by one of our Veterinarians Thinking of adopted a puppy or kitten? Click here to find out about our Puppy & Kitten Packages. Thanks for helping one of our local dogs and cats find a good home! *Does not include: Vaccines, Intestinal Parasite Test, Heartworm Test, Feline Leukemia Test, heartworm and flea preventive medications, or treatment of medical problems if needed. *Must present adoption paperwork from humane society or animal shelter to qualify. *Offer valid up to 30 days after adoption.

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