Heat Stroke in Pets

The owner was frantic. Just an hour before, her Cairn Terrier, Snickers was playing in the yard. Now he was listless and having trouble breathing. Rushing him to our veterinary hospital, a concerned veterinary technician informed her Snicker’s temperature was over 106 degrees – he was suffering from heat stroke. Luckily for Snickers – and with the help of a quick thinking owner and veterinary technician – he recovered.

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From Dr. Mac’s Desk: Little E

The little guy on the left is "e" or "Little E" as we call him. He's become a really handsome, precocious young kitten, but he definitely didn't start out that way. On the afternoon of April 16th, Little E was spotted all alone crawling across a busy highway in Sharpsburg. By the time he could be rescued, [...]

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