From Dr. Chris’ Desk: Gator

Gator came in to our Fairburn office last Monday to see Dr. Chris.  Gator had stopped eating and he was very lethargic.   Although only 6 months old, he walked slowly, like an elderly dog, not bouncing around like an energetic boxer puppy.  Puppies commonly swallow things which cause an intestinal blockage.  An X-Ray showed this was not [...]

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From Dr. Mac’s Desk: Rickey

This is Rickey! It's amazing we were able to keep him still long enough to get this picture. We first met this little guy in mid-March when a local rescue group pulled him from the Spalding Co. Shelter shortly before he was to be euthanized. After noticing a significant limp on his left hindlimb, radiographs revealed a [...]

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Future Help for Dogs with Seizures

  University of Minnesota School of Veterinary Medicine research have developed a device which helps predict and control seizures in epileptic dogs.  This device could detect seizures before they occur enabling drugs to be given to prevent or minimize the seizure. People with epilepsy might also benefit from the device and preventative medicine! Click here [...]

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