From Dr. Vince’s Desk: Babushka

  I rechecked Babuska today.  She is a 10 year old terrier who spent 6 months in our hospital last year after she was found wandering around Fairburn in terrible condition.  We nursed her back to health and now she has a wonderful home.  Unfortunately, two weeks ago she jumped off the couch and broke [...]

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From Dr. Mac’s Desk: Miss Stache

Although you wouldn't know it from our blog posts up to this point, the Animal Medical Clinics also see a large number of feline patients! The adorable kitten you see above captured all of our hearts when she was found injured on Halloween. Her name is Miss Stache, and I think if you take another [...]

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From Dr. Rip’s Desk: Kolie

Today, we took care of a 5 yr old Shih Tzu named Kolie who was having a urinary problem. She was having to go outside often like she had a bladder infection. X-rays showed she was actually trying to pass small urinary stones! One of the stones had caused a temporary blockage that I was fortunately able to relieve, clearing her [...]

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From Dr. Mac’s Desk: Duke

This handsome young man is Duke. Let's just say that Thanksgiving was a hard day for Duke. After receiving treatment for multiple yellow jacket stings in the morning, Duke was frightened by hunters' gun shots in the afternoon and ran away. He was not found until late last night. During his absence, neighbors reported witnessing Duke being run over by a [...]

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Raw Diets for Pets: Are They OK?

Take a stroll down the pet food aisle of your favorite store and your eyes will take in every imaginable color, a few cartoon characters and a lot of claims stating the food is “improved”, “natural” or even “organic”. It’s truly a marketing bonanza! More than 3,000 brands of pet food fill the aisles and pet owners will spend about $18 billion to feed their pets each and every year. [Dotti] But, high profile recalls, sick pets and corporate mistrust has moved a small number of pet owners to consider making their pets’ food at home, instead of buying it in a bag

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From Dr. Vince’s Desk: Dotti Update

Dotti had surgery yesterday. We suspected she had a hernia of her diaphragm. However, during surgery we discovered that her diaphragm was fine but she has a lot of infection around her lungs. We removed a lot of this fluid and she successively recovered from surgery. Today she is feeling better and starting to eat a little bit of food. Since our hospital is closed for Thanksgiving, she will be recuperating at Dr. Vince's house and we hope she continues to improve and can go home with her family on Friday. We are thankful that Dotti seems to be recovering and at The Animal Medical Clinics we are thankful for all of the wonderful pets we are blessed to care for.

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From Dr. Mac’s Desk: Pippa

I first met Pippa several months ago after she and her siblings were abandoned in a local neighborhood. The family that took Pippa in grew concerned after she stopped eating, rapidly lost weight, and began vomiting and having diarrhea. After an examination and labwork, I was forced to break  the bad news - Pippa was suffering [...]

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From Dr. Mac’s Desk: Frisky

Say hello to Frisky, a 7 year old female Pug! We have been seeing a lot of this smiling face the past couple of days. Frisky initially came in to see us yesterday when her worried owner, Andrea, with whom she is inseparable, called to report that she had urinated more frequently than normal during [...]

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From Dr. Mac’s Desk: Maggie

Maggie is an 8 year chihuahua that came to the Animal Medical Clinic of PTC this summer after a local rescue organization picked her up from a shelter shortly before she was to be euthanized. When I first met Maggie, she was emaciated, struggled for every breath, and had not eaten for 2 weeks...

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